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Facilities & Grounds

Who We Are

Director of Facilities & Grounds Maintenance - Chris Reese
Angela Forbeck - Custodian - ES
Mike Whittenberg - Custodian - ES
Cindy Davis - Custodian - MS
Jerica Cody - Custodian - MS
Kathleen Lewis - Custodian - MS
Kelli Brill - Custodian - HS
Kathy Jarrett - Custodian - HS
Monica Lovan - Custodian - HS

What We Do

The Cabool R-IV School District Facilities & Grounds Department maintains the upkeep of all district facilities and grounds including but not limited to: mowing, cleaning, maintenance, and other required upkeep as necessary to provide a safe learning environment for the community, staff, and students.

Facilties & Grounds Resources

- More resources coming soon!

Classroom Management and Housekeeping

The condition of a teacher's room may greatly affect the quality of teaching he/she does, especially along lines of cleanliness and the protection of property. The following is a group of "Room Standards."

  • Room to show good general housekeeping.
  • Pictures to be appropriately hung.
  • Floors to be free from paper and unnecessary waste.
  • Chalk and erasers to be kept in order.
  • Teacher's desk to show care and orderliness.
  • Chairs and desks to be arranged according to some system.
  • Windows and shades to be properly adjusted for lighting and ventilation.
  • Library books and texts to be arranged on shelves in a neat, orderly manner.