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$296,000 window replacement project approved for Cabool Elementary!

posted Jan 14, 2016, 3:00 PM by Cabool R-IV Schools   [ updated Jan 14, 2016, 3:01 PM ]
Elementary School

A Shawnee, Kansas, construction company has been awarded the bid for a major window renovation project at Cabool Elementary School.

Cabool Board of Education met Monday evening and, following a review of bids received, approved Mill Valley Construction’s bid of $296,000 for the elementary school window project. 

The project will involve replacing single-pane window panels with insulated panels and more energy efficient double-pane windows. With the bid awarded, work will begin on the fabrication of the windows needed so that they will be ready to be installed once the current school session closes in May. Work is to be completed by late July. Both wings of the elementary school will receive new windows. 

The school district had requested bids for three window projects: the elementary school, the high school south elevation, and the high school east and west elevations. The elementary school was considered the priority, but getting bids on all three projects enabled the school board to obtain costs for all three and then make a decision based on funds available. 

Architect Sam A. Winn reviewed the bids for the school district. “We were pleased to obtain six bidders,” he noted. From those, the lower two bids were analyzed, references checked, and financial conditions reviewed. Winn recommended Mill Valley Construction, the lower of the two bidders. 

Mill Valley Construction’s total bid for all three projects – elementary school and two high school elevations – totaled $531,000. Superintendent Robin Ritchie recommended that the board pursue only the elementary school project at this time, “based on the resources you have.” 

“We need to do something, but need to limit it to what we can afford,” school board president Ted Noirfalise said. 

The vote by the school board to award the project to Mill Valley Construction was unanimous. 

“It’s going to be great,” Superintendent Ritchie said Tuesday, noting that the elementary school will be more energy efficient, more aesthetically pleasing, and also have improved safety. 

News Article By: The Cabool Enterprise