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Activities abound for Cabool Elementary students!

posted Jun 8, 2017, 6:05 AM by Cabool R-IV Schools
Students in Mrs. Pearson’s reading groups have been doing some fun activities and interventions to sharpen their reading skills. Kindergarten played Word Memory. First graders used word mats to create consonant/vowel/consonant (cvc) words. Second and third graders completed an activity using cereal boxes to work on word skills.

Second Grade Center time focused on 5 centers as students rotated the centers. The centers contained many learning activities including the following: (1) the Creativity Center; (2) Reading center; (3) Writing Center; (4) Math Center; (5) and Teacher Center. Learning center activities ranged from using white boards to create sentences, working with tangrams and geometric shapes, and learning about the country of Ireland.

Third graders in Mrs. Smith’s class have been creating items with basic household items in the science center. Playdough was student made and separated with a focus on math skills which including measurement/using scales.