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First Graders create "Turkey in Disguise!"

posted Dec 1, 2015, 4:48 AM by Cabool R-IV Schools
Can’t find your Thanksgiving turkey? Perhaps he’s donned one of the many creative disguises Cabool Elementary School first graders came up with as part of their “Turkey in Disguise” activity which combined writing and creative arts.

After reading the book “Turkey Trouble” by Wendi Silvano, each student received a turkey printed on construction paper and worked with their families to come up with disguise a turkey could wear to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner. They also wrote about the steps the turkey would need to take to go under cover in the disguise.

The result was a very colorful hallway display at the elementary school, featuring a multitude of cleverly designed disguises for the turkeys along with this poem: “My name is Tom Turkey and I’m afraid as I can be. I’m wearing my disguise so you won’t catch me.” There was a Santa with a cotton ball beard, a turkey outfitted in a hunter orange vest and camo pants, a bird whose T-shirt urged others to “Eat More Ham!”, a Mary Poppins complete with a satchel and umbrella, a turkey completely hidden in a bowl of popcorn, a ninja turkey, a stunning blonde Elsa from “Frozen,” a police officer, a fire chief, Harry Potter, a penguin, a waiter, a turkey peeking out from inside the branches of a Christmas tree, “Stars Wars” characters Yoda and Darth Vader, and even Donald Trump.

A few of the first graders’ creations are pictured here.

News Article By: The Cabool Enterprise
First Grade Turkeys

First Grade Turkeys