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Maintenance Department gearing up for summer!

posted May 30, 2017, 5:29 AM by Cabool R-IV Schools
The summer months are very hectic for our maintenance department. The maintenance crew has been spending time repainting and cleaning the MS kitchen. Furniture has been removed from many classrooms to begin waxing/refinishing floors. General repairs to equipment (such as garbage disposals) are also addressed during the summer as needed. Some restrooms in the district continue to be a source of constant work and repair in order to keep them open and working. The boys’ middle school restroom was recently one area of focus for the maintenance crew. Trying to grind out the build up from inside some of the pipes at the MS has been a challenge! Interesting objects are sometimes found in the pipes of the commodes and urinals. Teaching our students not to place paper towels, pencils, paper clips, combs, etc. down the toilets and urinals is also a constant task for our teachers and administrators.