Health Services

Meet the Staff

Sara Long - District Nurse/Elementary Building ext 195

Erica Reese - Middle School ext 295

The school health services are provided to protect the health of children. Services include:

a. Ensuring compliance with immunization requirements,

b. Excluding from attendance students who have contagious diseases,

c. Reporting the presence or suspected presence of diseases mandated for reporting by law.

d. Maintenance of student health records.

e. Screening for health conditions

f.  Administering Medications

g. Emergency first aid treatment for injury or illness occurring during the school day

Illness: (K-4)

Students who have been determined to be ill after visiting the school nurse or trained staff will be sent home. If a student is sent home with a fever (temperature of 100 or above) they should not return to school until the student is fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication. If a student returns to school before 24 hours, the parent will be notified to come get the student.


Missouri law requires that all school children be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella. The school is required to keep a record showing the immunization status of each child enrolled. Children who are not exempted by religious belief or medical exemption, must either be immunized or be in the process of immunization. Student will be denied admission until compliance of Missouri statutes is met.

Health Forms:

The school will send home a health form to be completed by the parent/guardian. This form provides the school with needed medical information and is kept in the student’s medical file. The form also gives the school nurse and trained staff permission to administer over the counter medications. Your students will not be given any over the counter medication without your signed consent on this health form.

Medication Administration:

All prescription and non prescription medication should be brought to the building office or the nurse’s office. The school nurse or trained staff will administer prescription medication to students provided the medication is in the original labeled container. An authorized Medication Consent Form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian. The prescription must have a current date and labeled instructions for use.

Over the counter medications must be in the original container and consent must also be signed for administration. The school will not give the first dose of any medication.

Self Administered Medications:

An authorized prescriber may recommend that an individual student with a chronic health condition be allowed to be in possession of his or her medication on district property for the purposes of self-administration. The district will permit possession of medication for the treatment of asthma or anaphylaxis, IF THE PHYSICIAN HAS PROVIDED A WRITTEN TREATMENT PLAN FOR THE CONDITION FOR WHICH THE MEDICATION WAS PRESCRIBED OR AUTHORIZED THAT INCLUDES A CERTIFICATION THAT THE STUDENT IS CAPABLE OF AND HAS BEEN INSTRUCTED IN THE CORRECT AND RESPONSIBLE USE OF THE MEDICATION AND HAS DEMONSTRATED TO THE PHYSICIAN OR THE PHYSICIAN’S DESIGNEE THE SKILL LEVEL NECESSARY TO USE THE MEDICATION.

Epi Pens

All buildings in the district are equipped with prefilled epinephrine auto syringes that can be administered by the school nurse or trained staff when the nurse or trained staff believes, based on his or her training that a student is having a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. Epinephrine will only be administered in accordance with written protocols provided by an authorized prescriber. In the event of a severe allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips/face/throat, ect.) the nurse or trained staff will administer the epinephrine.

Head Lice

Per Board Action May 2005: Students who have been examined and found to have head lice and/or nits will be sent home for treatment. These students will not be allowed to return to school until they have been cleared of all lice and nits.


Screening programs focus on early detection and prompt treatment of potentially serious health problems. Students will be excused from any screening upon receipt of a written request from the student’s parent/guardian that must be placed on file prior to the beginning of the school year. Results of each screening will be recorded and a copy placed in the child’s medical file.

A notice of screenings will go home with the student. An opt out form will be provided at that time. Not returning the opt out form will provide assumed consent and the child will participate in the scheduled screening. Parents will be notified of the screening results and a copy of the results will be placed in the student’s medical file.