Meet the Staff

Director of Transportation - Norman Drew

Transportation Mechanic - Terry Richardson

Bus #1 - Dennis Brown

Bus #2 - Kim Black

Bus #3 - Robert Lundberg

Bus #4 - Ladonna Lezak

Bus #5 - Daniel McGee

Bus #6 - Robbie Mossman

Bus #7 - Stephen Lezak

Bus #9 - Jeff Smith

Bus #10 - Missy Randall

Bus #11 - Kent Randall

Bus # 20 (SPED) - Kevin Durden

About Transportation

The Cabool R-IV School District Transportation Department services and maintains all district transportation vehicles and equipment to ensure student safety when traveling to and from home and school along with extra-curricular activities that occur throughout the school year and summer months.

Snow Route Information 2019-2020

Please select your bus route in the Google Sheet on the "Snow Bus Routes 2019-2020" that corresponds to your bus number. If your route isn't showing, please select the sideways arrows to the right of the bus numbers.

Copy of Transportation Snow Routes Letter 2019-2020.pdf
Snow Bus Routes 2019-2020 - Updated 10/31/2019

Transportation Department Resources