Our Mission Statement

The Cabool R-IV School District, in partnership with patrons of the district, has a mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities for each student through a commitment to academic excellence, preparing effective, responsible citizens to meet future challenges and live productive lives.

Our Philosophy

General Statement

Democracy is the only acceptable way of life to Americans. In it the worth and happiness of the individual is prominent. Democratic principles can only be fostered by practice through providing means whereby all students have equality of opportunity.

The primary philosophy of education in Cabool is to provide particularly for the needs of our community; and also to co-ordinate our objectives with those of the other schools of the State and Nation.

Specific Statements

We believe in the rich personality of the whole child; we seek to promote the physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of the child.

We desire for every child an education which, through rich classroom experience and group associations, will develop his/her individual abilities for happy, useful, and successful living; and then through training and guidance prepare him for a living which will yield him maximum satisfaction.

We desire a school that is safe from hazards, sanitary and properly equipped, lighted and ventilated.

We desire a school and community relationship that recognizes and plans for the child's needs, protects against physical dangers, moral hazards and diseases, and provides for play and recreation and for cultural and social needs.

We desire to provide experience in the school which will give every child love, affection, and a feeling of security to supplement that of the home.

We desire for handicapped children such measures as will provide necessary care and treatment so that he/she may be an asset to society.

District Contact Numbers

  • Elementary School Principal's Office 962-3153 Opt 2
  • Elementary School Fax 962-5293
  • Middle School Principal's Office 962-3153 Opt 3
  • Middle School Fax 962-5043
  • High School Principal's Office 962-3153 Opt 4
  • High School Fax 962-5663
  • Superintendent's Office 962-3153 Opt 1
  • Missouri Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-3738

Building Hours

Hours of operation are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made with staff.