CHS Student of the Month

Gideon Warneke

Although I do not have him in class this year, I have been very impressed by how hard he has worked for me in the Student Council. His hard work and help during the Veteran's Day Assembly was amazing and helped to make the whole day run smoothly. His leadership skills are top notch and he is always willing to help - even before I ask.

 - Nominating Teacher Comments

December 2023 Nominations

Abraham Leonard - Abraham is a leader in our school. He works hard in what he does. I'm proud of his effort to help make our school the best it can be. 

Emma Brennan - Emma is always prepared, is a very serious student, and is always very respectful. 

Justin Moore - Justin is always going above and beyond to be helpful. He does anything that is asked of him. 

Quinton Green -  He is always on time. Has a great attitude, completes all assignments on time and is an overall joy in the classroom. 

Jeffrey Rhyne - Jeffrey always has a smile on his face and often encourages his classmates with his positive attitude. 

Kaylea Donalson - I nominate Kaylea for her consistently helpful demeanor, kindness, and positive attitude in the classroom. 

Haylee Jackson - Haylee is a hard worker and a complete joy to be around. She always does her best and looks for ways to improve. 

Saeed Thomas -  Saeed is a new student in our district. He has transitioned to our community and has kept a great attitude. He has jumped right in and had a positive influence in the classroom. 

David Best - David continually comes to class each day to learn. He is self-directed, focused, and driven when it comes to academic learning. David also is a member of numerous student activities, juggling the demands of those student groups, while doing what it takes each and every day to be successful in the classroom! 

Olivia Camerson - Olivia is a hard worker in class, gets her work done then helps others. 

Carsten Wright - Carsten is a joy to have in class. He is very polite and well-mannered. He does great work and is always putting a smile on everyone's faces. 

Laney Swisloski - Laney continues to be a leader in her music ensembles, by her example in character and musicianship! She is reliable and a joy to teach! 

Zachary Wood - Zach always gives 110%! His creativity in class is always welcomed.