CHS Student of the Month

Josh Shockley

Josh is a great student to have in class. He is good natured, and comes to school with a good attitude. He works hard at all he does- classwork, his job, and sports.

April 2024 Nominations

Alera Graves: Alera is very polite and kind to everyone she sees. She may be quiet but is a joy in class once she opens up. 

Kadyn Hall: Kadyn always does his best in class.

Emma Brennan: She is always diligent in her approach to class. 

Grayson Jones: Grayson is such a model student! He always goes above and beyond what is expected of him and does so with a smile on his face! Grayson always comes to class prepared and ready to learn and inject questions into the lesson. 

Lane McMinn: He is the ultimate teammate! He works hard, does more than his part...always! 

Jerrith Huber: Jerrith consistently leads by example with early and excellent assignments. He has emerged as a leader among his peers and generously shares his insights with fellow students. 

Jeffrey Rhyne: Jeffrey works hard and gets all of his work done. He continues to improve each term. 

Sonya Kamianetska: She works hard and goes beyond expectations. 

Olivia Cameron: Olivia always comes to class prepared and is a very hard working student. She may not say a lot in class but always has an answer then called upon and is willing to help students around her. 

Kaylea Donalson: Kaylea always has a smile on her face and is willing to help wherever she is needed. 

Johnathan Blaker: Johny is a creative, hard-working student who is always doing what is expected of him. He is organized and well-prepared for daily learning. His quest for knowledge and strong desire of achievement set him apart from his classmates. 

Sophia Kolb: If we have an option to keep her, we should. She has been a great addition to Cabool Schools.

Ciara Stout: Ciara goes above and beyond! She is always willing to help out and has a great attitude!