CHS Student of the Month

January 2023 CHS Student Nominations

Cade Vandiver: Cade is a wonderful student. He always comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He works hard in the classroom and uses his time wisely. Cade has progressed throughout this school year in confidence and in making efforts to help teachers and others. He loves helping clean buses and taking part in the school recycling program.

Athena Waller: Athena is an exceptional student who is willing to go the extra mile in any activity she chooses to do. She has worked hard on STUCO projects.

Logan Walls: Logan is a hard worker in the classroom. His humble attitude is a pleasure to have in class.

Gabriel Harvill: Gabriel works to make a positive impact in the classroom everyday. He is kind, caring, and selfless, willing to reach out to help or give support to anyone in need. He works very hard in class and is always giving his best effort. He is also always doing nice things for others like holding the doors open for people between classes.

Izzy Gossard: Izzy is not afraid to speak up in class even if no one else is answering. And she is always willing to help her fellow classmates if they need help!

Patrick Marshall: Patrick ALWAYS participates in his classes and tries to help others. Today he offered to read Ch.1 of TGAM aloud to his entire English class and also helped other students with visual representations during Foundations of Algebra class. Patrick is always attentive, studious, and excited about school. He has a positive influence on the classroom environment every day.

Brady Byerley: Brady always brings a smile to my face. And even though he may not always know when he is supposed to be quiet, but he has a heart of gold!

Kaelan Clifton: I appreciate him for his genuine, sincere, and polite behavior. He is always willing to help in the classroom.

Kaitlyn Romans: She is always helping other students with their work and striving to be the best that she can be.

Lily Thiele: Lily is always sincerely positive and genuinely caring for others. Lily excels in tasks she attempts and spreads positivity wherever she goes.

Michelle Davis: Michelle has shown great growth in her willingness to attempt what she is being asked to do in the classroom. She is also learning to remain independent of conflicts that take place in the classroom.

David Best: David is always on point in my Spanish class. He is not only prepared for our current work, but does additional work, practice, and study which has enabled him to advance in language study.

Alyssa Long: Alyssa is a hard-working student who goes out of her way to be helpful.

Gideon Warneke: Gideon is a consistent positive influence in class as well as being a strong academic student.

Autumn Lay: Autumn has a contagious smile and great sense of humor. She makes me smile daily.

Aleah Hong: Aleah always has a smile and kind word for everyone she meets. She is eager to help and always has a pleasant attitude.