Academic Information

Academic Awards

Academic "C"  Award (9-12)

Students who maintain a grade point average of 9.65 or above for all first three quarters will be awarded an academic "C" award for the year.  Students will be presented this award at the end of the year on Awards Night.

Academic Medal Award (9-12)

Students will receive academic medals for outstanding achievement in all classes. Tests, projects and daily work will determine top students in each class. These awards will be presented during an awards presentation at the end of the year.

Classes with Weighted Grades

Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry II, Physics, Micro Biology, Trigonometry, Calculus, College English, English IV, College Algebra, College Psychology, College Sociology, College American Government, College Communications, College Chemistry, and any other college class.

Correspondence Courses

Students will not be allowed to count correspondence courses toward graduation for any course required for graduation. Correspondence courses can only be taken for elective credit, academic enrichment classes or credit recovery. The School District will not pay for correspondence courses. Courses taken through MOVIP are not considered correspondence courses

Grade Classifications (9-12)

Freshmen (9th) = 0 - 5 credits

Sophomores (10th) = 5.5 - 11 credits

Juniors (11th) = 11.5 - 18.5 credits

Seniors (12th) = 19+ credits

Homebound Instruction (K-12)

Cabool R-IV Schools participates in the State Homebound Instruction Program. Students are eligible for this program if they have physical problems that prevent them from attending the regular school classes. To be eligible for this program the student’s physician must fill out a form concerning the condition of the student. This form may be obtained from the principal’s office.

MOVIP - Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (9-12)

Missouri virtual instructional program was created through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Cabool students have access to this program to obtain lost credit or take a course that is not offered at CHS. Cabool R-IV School District will not pay tuition for this program. Upon completion of a course CHS will receive a transcript with the grade earned for the course work completed, which will be transferred to the student’s transcript.

Any senior taking a course required for graduation must complete the course 4 weeks prior to expected graduation date. All credit earned through MOVIP will be treated as a transfer credit.

Grading (5-12)

Pass/Fail grades are used for supervised office, summer school classes and conditioning. A passing (P) grade is used in adding credits but is not used in computing grade point average (GPA). A failing (F) grade means no credit and no points toward computing GPA.

Grading Scale


 95-100 - A

 90-94 - A -

 87-89 - B +

 83-86 - B

 80-82 - B -

 77-79 - C +

 73-76 - C

 70-72 - C -

 67-69 - D +

 63-66 - D

 60-62 - D-

 0-59 - F

Honor Roll (5-12)

An honor roll will be determined and published for each quarter of school and for each semester. There will be an honor roll for students with a 10.0 grade point average and one for those with an 8.25 to 9.99 grade point average. An "F"  will automatically disqualify a student. Any parent or student not wanting their name published in area news media must contact the school in writing prior to the end of each quarter.

Progress Reports (5-12)

Progress reports are mailed home the fifth week of each quarter. Teachers will issue progress reports on a standard form if the student is not performing at the level expected for his or her ability, or is doing exceptional work. Progress reports are issued to all students performing at a grade level of "D" or below.