Special Education

Meet the Staff

Special Education Director - Angie Jester

Abby Jester - Paraprofessional

Abigail Warneke - Elementary Special Education Teacher

Amanda Pasay - Paraprofessional

Angelika Biland - Paraprofessional

Dakota Means - Paraprofessional

Ginger Sneiderman - High School Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Smotherman - 5th - 8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Juliet Vonallmen - Paraprofessional

Lacy Sigman - Paraprofessional

Linda Peters - 7th/8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Lois Boykin - Paraprofessional

Lynn Stringer - District-wide Speech/Language Pathologist

Madison Ortega - Paraprofessional

Mary McGrath - Paraprofessional

Misty Wake - Elementary Special Education Teacher

Nicole Stilley - Paraprofessional

Pam Brown - Paraprofessional

Sara Long - 5th/6th Grade Special Education Teacher

Scott Tooley - High School Special Education Teacher

Sheena Jackson - Paraprofessional

Sherry Wheat - High School Special Education Teacher

Tiffany Mooney - Elementary Special Education Teacher

About Special Education

All public schools are required to provide a free and appropriate public education to all students, including those attending private/parochial schools, beginning on the child's third birthday through age twenty (20), regardless of the child's disability. Disabilities include: learning disabilities, mental retardation, behavior disorders/emotional disturbance, speech disorders (voice, fluency, or articulation), language disorders, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically/other health impaired, multi-handicapped, deaf/blind, autism, early childhood special education, and traumatic brain injury.

Special Education Resources